The LNG Industry Has Revived My Community

Southwest Louisiana is in the early stages of one of the most profitable eras in the region’s industrial history, yet recent protests at LNG facilities have tried to distract from the immense investments these businesses have contributed to Louisiana communities. It has become clear to The Cameron Parish Police Jurors, the Commissioners of the Cameron Port the vast majority of these protesters are out-of-town activists and not the longtime residents of Cameron Parish.

Cameron Parish is the second largest parish in land area in Louisiana with the fewest number of residents. We have no incorporations, but proudly include the communities of Johnson Bayou, Holly Beach, Hackberry, Big Lake, Grand Lake, Sweet Lake, Lowry, Klondike, Grand Chenier, Creole, and Cameron. We have been named the healthiest parish in the state for the past five years. Cameron Parish is comprised of over 600 miles of waterways, making us a natural gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. Cheniere LNG just awarded Cameron Parish $100,000 for The Rabbit Island Project. Rabbit Island is a vital nesting colony for many birds, including the brown pelican. The Rabbit Island Project will include restoring approximately 87-acres of the island’s original 200-acre footprint.

In addition to preserving the wildlife in our parish, we should also prioritize our longstanding residents. LNG facilities are good neighbors in giving back to for our local communities. Cheniere Energy is also credited for an $800,000 payment in lieu of taxes to the Cameron Parish School Board for a 10-year period. These types of investments have been vital to the survival of our schools. They have provided our children with pavilions, and scholarships, provided our teachers with stipends and our young adults with meaningful, good-paying jobs.

Collectively, these facilities provided critical aid to Cameron Parish residents following the aftermath of hurricanes in 2020 by providing generators, fuel, food and other critical essentials. This was a very similar response as provided by SEMPRA and Cheniere Energy, after Hurricanes Rita and Ike in 2005 and 2008. Venture Global has most recently provided infrastructure for new sidewalks along with a marina, fuel station, outdoor recreational pavilion and RV Park, and revived restaurant. For the first time in the history of Cameron Parish, our Cameron Parish Port, Harbor and Terminal District, has been self-sufficient in operations and finance thanks to support from LNG facilities.

Many entities and individuals have stood in opposition to the development of the LNG industry in Cameron Parish. However, longstanding residents have not wavered in proving their support for the booming energy industry in our state as a result of the immense investments these facilities provide to our schools and local communities. Contrary to what some out-of-town opposition groups want you to believe, it is undeniable our local LNG facilities are welcome neighbors in Cameron Parish.

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